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Key Features:Adorable Princess Crown Pacifier Set: Experience the charm of our "Princess" Crown patterned pacifier, Designed specifically for adult-sized pacifier …

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Key Features:Adorable Princess Crown Pacifier Set: Experience the charm of our "Princess" Crown patterned pacifier, Designed specifically for adult-sized pacifier enthusiasts. Featuring a crown printed onto the button and the word "princess" printed on the handle. Its delightful and endearing design is sure to bring joy and comfort..Enhanced Features by BigShield Pacifiers: We’ve incorporated several improvements, Including a shape that perfectly mirrors popular baby pacifiers, A larger button for effortless DIY decoration, A clear silicone nipple, And an innovative dust cap for enhanced hygiene. Crafted from medical-grade plastic, Our pacifiers offer top-notch quality and durability..Generously Sized Teat and Shield: Enjoy the comfort of a 1.6-inch long and 1.2 inches wide teat, Complemented by a 2.6 inches wide and 1.9 inches tall shield. Our pacifier ensures a secure fit and peace of mind..Premium Materials for Exceptional Comfort: Our pacifier is crafted from high-quality medical-grade plastic, Providing a long-lasting product with a supremely comfortable feel. The design is meticulously tailored to perfectly fit the contours of your mouth, Delivering a natural and soothing experience..Endless Mix-and-match Possibilities: Unleash your creativity with larger buttons that make DIY decoration a breeze. The clear silicone nipples and easily disassembled/reassembled shields, Buttons, Handles, And pacifiers allow for effortless customization, Letting you create your own unique style..Product Description:IMPROVEMENTS from BIGSHIELD PACIFIERS..New shape to match a popular baby pacifier, Larger button for easier DIY decorating, Clear silicone nipple, Innovative dust cap to keep good hygiene, Designed with medical grade plastic..These adult sized pacifiers will please any "big baby". The pacifier has a large nipple, Nipple guard, And holding ring..ADULT SIZE PACIFIER WITH A SOFT SILICONE NIPPLE.Perfect for those who prefer a genuinely adult-sized pacifier..TEAT SIZE: 1.6 inches long x 1.2 inches wide..PACIFIER SHIELD SIZE: 2.6 inches wide x 1.9 inches tall..GOOD FOR A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE The unique and adorable pacifiers set features "Princess" Crown pattern with a fun and stylish design that is sure to bring a smile to you. The pacifier has been redesigned from the popular BIGSHIELD Pacifiers and now features a more natural shape for ultimate comfort. Constructed using high-quality medical grade plastic, This pacifier is designed for lasting durability, As well as offering a soft and natural feel in your mouth. Perfect for providing stress relief or relaxation, This pacifier is the ideal solution for those looking for maximum comfort. Pacifiers have been used as a therapeutic trainer for speech therapy and physiotherapy. And they can play a role in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea..Reportedly they manage to cure 7 out of 10 people from snoring. In an unfamiliar playroom, Babies accompanied by their pacifier evidenced more play and demonstrated less distress than did babies without them. They are excellent at soothing and calming even adults. The widespread occurrence of attachments to pacifiers as well as their importance as security objects should reassure parents that they are a normal part of development for most of babies..BEST QUALITY ADULT PACIFIERS AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET. BPA, And LATEX FREE.100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!


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